Help into work

We believe that everyone has the potential to put their talents to use in a job.  But we know that trying to get into work can sometimes seem like a huge mountain to climb.  We can help you do it.  We’ve helped lots of people who’ve found it tough – from young people looking for their first job, through to older people returning to work after some time away from the job market.

Help to find work

A friendly and supportive way to get help finding a job.

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Starting my own business

At Thames Valley Housing we recognise that many people want to start their own business, but aren’t quite sure how. We actively encourage people to start their own business, follow their dreams and become their own boss.

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Community Wellbeing

Community Wellbeing is a life-changing programme aimed at helping you maintain a healthy, productive and happy life.

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Back To Work Fund

Find out about our Back to Work Fund and how it could help you get back into employment.

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Residents’ stories

Getting confidence back, feeling proud. Read some of our residents' stories.

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There's a range of courses to help you grow the skills and confidence to find a job.

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Meet the team

Emildah runs our Community Wellbeing, Training and Employment and Business Start Up

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50 Families: exploding myths about the unemployed

50 Families: Read TVH's report which replaces some of the myths about unemployment with a far more positive picture.

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