Charles story

Wrriten by Training and Employment Officer, Christopher Harris

I met Charles a few weeks ago while delivering employment support & training in Elmbridge.

Charles lives in Walton-On-Thames with his mother Lesley; he’s 25 years old and seeking full time work, preferably in a retail environment. Charles suffers from a rare form of Asperger’s Syndrome which means securing work in his chosen field is very challenging for him.

His Asperger’s is triggered by disappointment and thoughts of failure which culminate in him completely “switching off” sometimes for long spells and not communicating with anyone. He mentioned to me that when disappointment becomes too much or if he gets annoyed he becomes extremely quiet and reclusive.

Charles lost his father, who he doted on earlier this year following an arduous illness; Charles had supported his father for nearly 2 years while he was home coming to terms with a terminal sickness. Following this bereavement, Charles’s life appeared desolate and very forlorn. He tried to pick himself up and managed to secure a second interview at a retail store in Walton. He mentioned to me that the job was a given, however he froze and was totally unresponsive at the interview resulting in him not securing the role.

After speaking with Charles regarding employment support and training, Charles has opened up and keen to get his life back on track. Furthermore he has started applying for roles again and is keen to embrace support from Metropolitan Thames Valley (MTVH) in his quest for work.

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