Mason’s Story

Our ‘Don’t Tone Alone’ Wellbeing programme has been running in Rushmoor and the Wiltshire family have been regular champions of the Active Splash and the Family Games Activities.

Mason loves racing his friends and family around the massive inflatable assault course in the swimming pool at Farnborough Leisure Centre but has great  fun at the family games events. 5 year old Grace says she loves it when she races her friends at Active Splash and slips and falls head first into the water. This is a great achievement in itself for Grace as before, she was too scared to venture out of the kiddie pool, but thanks to the Don’t Tone Alone events, her self confidence has sky rocketed!

Mum Steph says the family have really benefited from the events as she now gets to spend more time with her children and the family can keep fit together. She enjoys it on a personal level as she can be a big kid again!

Grandparents Ray and Dee talked about the positive impact it’s had on their relationship with their grandchildren, as it gives them all something fun to do when the children aren’t at school.

The Don’t Tone Alone events will continue until the end of April and will hopefully run again in the future to help improve the well-being of more Metropolitan Thames Valley residents. For more information, contact Ben Cronin on 07785465934 or Terry Tottman on 07919058725.