Aik Saath – Together As One

Project: ABC (Anti-social Behaviour & Conflict) Resolution Team – Slough

Funded: £5000

The words ‘Aik Saath’ mean Together As One in Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. They also embody the ethos of our charity. We believe in supporting young people to create amazing projects for a safer and more cohesive future.

Our new ABC Resolution Team project will provide an innovative solution to youth related anti-social behaviour, which is a prevalent issue in Slough. The project will train young people in conflict resolution and detached youth work skills to work with their peers in key Thames Valley Housing neighbourhoods. The team will help their peers understand the impact of their actions and signpost to positive alternative activities.

Bid Summary: We believe that there are many instances of anti-social behaviour that could be prevented from happening by the formation of an ABC (Anti-social Behaviour and Conflict) Resolution Team. This team would be constituted by 15 young people aged 14 to 25 years old. The volunteers would be trained in mediation and detached youth work skills. In key Thames Valley Housing neighbourhoods where people are being the target of repeated instances of anti-social behaviour, particularly by groups of young people, members of the ABC Resolution Team would be deployed with staff to talk to the young people causing the problem.

A lack of understanding between adults and young people can create a self-fulfilling prophecy: young people consider they are justified in reacting to adults’ complaints about them by behaving anti-socially, leading to further complaints and in turn, an increase in anti-social behaviour. The ABC Resolutions Team would approach the young people with two methods to break this negative cycle: firstly, they would help the young people understand the impact of their actions and the distress that it could be causing and secondly; to signpost the young people in the direction of positive, alternative activities. In some cases it might be appropriate to establish a restorative dialogue between the resident(s) and the group of young people causing distress, rebuilding a positive relationship in the community.