Kairos Community Trust

Project: Volunteers Training and Development Programme – London Boroughs

Funded: £2000

The project is to train and develop volunteers to become peer mentors and greeters for people coming out of prison. The aim is to make sure that homeless people with addiction problems are supported on their release from prison and to subsequently provide support training and education to people from a criminal justice background with the ultimate aim of reducing crime and keeping people free from all substances and reintegrated into the community.

Bid Summary: The second chance group has been up and running for three years now and offers a service to clients in addiction coming out of prison to the community. We have successfully housed and re housed people and kept them clean from a life of drug and alcohol abuse and a return to a life of crime. This bid is to raise money for the clients themselves so that we can train them and offer them a full peer mentoring service that offers clients direct support when they come from prison. They will go to the prison and meet people from the gates they will bring them to a real home and a safe environment and they will offer them a meal and take them to a fellowship meeting and provide support to people who are often lonely and isolated.