Learning to Work (South East)

Project: Volunteer Passport Community Programme – Slough

Funded: £4950

Learning to Work (LTW) will provide four community areas within Slough (Cippenham, Britwell, Langley and Elliman) with the Thames Valley Housing Slough Volunteer Passport Programme. This programme will enable and promote direct links between the communities in which TVH stock is located and young people educated and who potentially live, in that same area by completing a Volunteer Passport qualification

Bid Summary: To provide four secondary schools in Slough with the Thames Valley Housing Slough Volunteer Passport Programme reaching a total of 66 young people aged 16-19 years across four areas in Slough. The four areas centre around a secondary school where the young people will be based and incorporate a total of about 16 TVH stocks (please refer to attached map).

The Thames Valley Housing Slough Volunteer Passport Programme will be delivered by a trained member of LTW staff over an initial six week training period per school followed up with a longer term volunteering community link at the heart of the TVH stock areas chosen.

Outcomes of young people:

  • a level 2 qualification
  • increased skills and self-confidence to support securing a job after education

Direct community outcomes:

links developed between the young people and other residents living in TVH stocks to support formal community projects as well as informal arrangements helping those in need.