Project: Kickstart – Hounslow

Funded: £3000

Employability and Enterprise skills programme for 14-16 year olds in Hounslow.

Bid Summary: Spark! gives young people at school the opportunity to spend time with employers and discover the needs and challenges of the workplace. Our ambition is to inspire young people, to show what they can achieve, enhance their employability and to prepare them for the workplace. We are based in Hounslow, and the majority of our work is with young people from the borough (we also work with one school in Richmond).

KICKSTART is an employability and enterprise skills programme, which is formed of workshops, run with the support of local employers and Spark! staff. Run over 5 days, this can be over an academic year, or for a whole week. We have already successfully run the programme in one local school, and would like to offer it to other schools.

Run across a whole year group (180 students presently), we have in the past received central government funding (Section 106). This funding is no long available, and we are looking at alternative ways of providing the programme, which has been very successfully received, by staff and students alike (most recently in Chiswick school).