Data protection privacy notice – Customer feedback

Your information, supplied for the purposes of these surveys, will be held and processed by IFF who are conducting the surveys on behalf of MTVH. We value your views and feedback about your experiences with MTVH. The results of these surveys will help us to improve the service that you and others will receive in the future. This survey asks questions regarding your experience of the service that you received from MTVH. Your feedback will be analysed alongside other business data to review our services and drive improvements. Please note that the answers you provide in the surveys will not affect any current or future services you receive from MTVH.

This notice explains how we use and share information collected during this survey. We are required to notify you of this information under data protection legislation. Please ensure that you read this notice (sometimes referred to as a ‘privacy notice’)

Who collects the information

Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing, (referred to as ‘MTVH’) have instructed IFF Research (referred to as ‘IFF’) to contact you for the purposes of obtaining your feedback and improving future services. MTVH recognises that this information is important to residents and that it is responsible to residents for the information it holds about them. As such, we take seriously our responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018.

MTVH is the data controller for information it collects from residents of Metropolitan Housing Trust and Thames Valley Housing and IFF are the appointed data processor acting on MTVH behalf. This means that MTVH must look after all the personal information we collect and use, making sure that it is done so proportionately, correctly and safely.

About the information we collect and hold

You have been contacted to take part in a short survey with IFF. They have been tasked to deliver research & survey on customer satisfaction in relation to recent interactions and transactions you have had with MTVH. The information you provide IFF will be communicated back to MTVH to enable us to provide better services in the future.

MTVH will provide IFF with your contact information to enable you to participate in this survey. IFF will only use this information to make contact and once the survey is complete, your data will deleted from IFF systems once our contract with IFF is ceased and the surveys are complete.

Sometimes we need to share some categories of your personal information with other parties, such as external contractors and our professional advisers. We seek to ensure that our information collection and processing is always proportionate. We will notify you of any changes to information we collect or to the purposes for which we collect and process it. MTVH rely on Legitimate Interest to process your contact information.

Special Category Data

We may need to collect and process special category data from you. Where we process special categories of personal data, we will do so in accordance with the specific conditions of processing set out in the Data Protection Act 2018 where we have your specific consent.

Special category data is defined as

  • racial or ethnic origin
  • political opinions
  • religious beliefs, or those of a similar nature
  • trade union membership
  • physical or mental health
  • sexual health or orientation
  • genetic or biometric data



Consent must be freely given, specific and informed and there must be a genuine choice about offering your data. Where we are processing special category data based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. Please let us know if you wish to withdraw your consent so that we can outline the steps to enable us to cease the processing of this data.

Where information may be held

Information you provide to IFF will be held on our MTVH systems at our offices, those of our group companies, and third party agencies, service providers, representatives and agents as described above. It will also be held on IFF systems until the survey is complete and our contract with IFF ceases. We have security measures in place to seek to ensure that there is appropriate security for information we hold such as:

  • Limiting access on systems to only staff which need to access the information
  • Providing regular training for staff to make them aware of how to handle your data safely and in accordance with the data protection legislation.
  • Having a clear desk policy and guidance about keeping sensitive data in locked places with limited access
  • Having clear policies and guidance for staff who take special data out of the building and a clear working at home guidance for all staff to follow
  • Encryption of sensitive electronic communications such as e-mails as well as an encryption of disks and memory sticks. Encryption is a means of ensuring that data can only be accessed by authorised users.  This means that the information is hidden and cannot be read without a password.
  • Regular testing of our IT equipment and keeping up to date with regular security updates


How long can we keep your personal information for?

We only keep personal data if it is necessary to do so. This will be until the contract with IFF comes to an end. The team that contacts you, in order to process your responses and feedback, will retain the collated contact details (name and email address) only for the duration of our contract. Details of how they will use, store and delete your data will be specific to this service. Sometimes there is a legal reason why we must keep the data for a certain period.

What are your rights?

You have rights around the information we hold on you, further information on your rights are available

How to complain

We hope that our Data Protection Team can resolve any query or concern you raise about our use of your information. If not, contact the Information Commissioner at or telephone: 0303 123 1113 for further information about your rights and how to make a formal complaint.