We thought we’d save some pixels and not include the disclaimer on the thousands of emails we send everyday. Instead here it is for your convenience.

Email and any files attached are confidential and intended only for the person or organisation they’re sent to. They may contain privileged or commercial in confidence material. If you’ve received an email and you believe you’re not the intended recipient, please delete it and notify us soonest. You must not copy, distribute or take any action in reliance of it.

Email messages may be subject to delays, non-delivery and unauthorised alterations. Therefore information expressed in them is not given or endorsed by us, unless otherwise notified by a duly authorised representative independent of the message. Be aware that opinions, conclusions and other information in an email that don’t relate to our official business are not given, or endorsed by us.

We run all our email through a virus checker, but no warranty is given that email is free from any virus. If by chance you think you’ve received a virus from our email, please contact